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Dash cams are appearing more and more these days all over the world. They have been used in nearly every motor in Russia for a number of years now, but have just recently exploded on the scene in other places in Europe. They are simple little devices that attach to your windscreen behind your rear view mirror, and record footage within its viewing angle of your car journey. Footage can then be played back on some devices or viewed on a computer if you need to visit footage for any reason. Visit for a more in-depth look at dash cams and they actually do.

Car dash cams are also being recognised by more and more car insurers in the United Kingdom, with discounts be available on some policies when a dash cam is attached. This shows the shifting and strong believe that dash cams can and will make the motoring world a safer place.

A dashboard camera will ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident that is not your fault. Instead of having to go through a long legal battle and a dispute with your insurer you can just show the footage of the incident, and it’s pretty much case closed. Also it saves you from being the victim of insurance fraud, whereby people will try and purposely get you to crash into them and damage their car as shown below.

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Dash cams are your guardian angel of the road, protecting you from a liability issues that arise from incidents. They keep the motoring karma in check for everyone, not just the car user. They can also protect other users that may be on the end of a motoring injustice, or even help out a cyclist that’s be hit by a vehicle that’s drove too close.

The UK market is jam packed with dashboard cameras, with so many different manufacturers and models, offering lots of different features. Some of the best dash cams on the uk market have a feature called ‘Parking Mode’, this allow your car recorder to continue to record even when you are not in your vehicle. This is especially handy for spotting and reporting any vandalism that may occur, and ultimately just gives you peace of mind when it comes to leaving your car parked somewhere.

There’s so many advantages and benefits to dash cams, and there seems no better time than know to invest in one. With policing numbers being reduced on the roads in the uk, it leaves a big gap to be filled when it comes to motoring crimes and injustices. The new age of motoring vigilantes are here with their car cameras, here to make everyone on the road much safer.

There are plenty of dash cam review sites out there for you, most of them have a great breakdown of what features you should be looking for and why. So go on, go out there and protect yourself and your family today with one of these handy devices.


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