Best Solar Powered Chicken Coop Lights

Best Solar Powered Chicken Coop Lights

A lot of people that keep livestock constantly face the risk of having them eating by predators, that’s why we are constantly looking for ways to safeguard them. There are lots of different threats that your chickens are faced with such as wolves, deer and even big cats. Everyone has their own methods for protecting their chicken coop, but sometimes you need to invest in some quality. We understand that running and maintaining a chicken coop can be hard work and very expensive. Anything that can save you some money and ensure your chickens are safe should be considered. It’s pretty normal to have a light in your chicken coop, but the cost of keeping the electricity running can mount up.

That’s why we propose to you today to consider using a solar powered chicken coop. These work exactly like normal lights, but instead of running on electricity they are powered by solar light. These are very cost effective as you have no electricity bill, just the cost of purchasing the lights and replacing them when needed. You want to ensure you buy a decent set of solar powered chicken coop lights, as you don’t want to have to splash out on a set only to find out they’re not up to the job. There isn’t many reviews of these solar lights online, so you may have to do some hunting around to find what you’re looking for. For quickness check out the link above as we’ve located a great buying guide for you.

There solar powered lights are used mainly to deter predators from a chicken coop, however, they can be used for lots of different things. If you need a light on through the night for your livestock, a certain part of the garden light up or even for some storage that you have. They come in at all different prices, but you should be able to purchase a really good pair from around the $20-30 mark. You want to check how good they store the solar energy before you buy one, your best way to do this is read real customer reviews. There’s a few manufacturers that stick out in this marketplace such as Predator. Typically these lights are pretty small and compact so they won’t take up a lot of space in a chicken coop, they do however give off a really strong light that’s great for deterring predators.

There’s a few different types of lights available, it just comes down to preference. You can get a model with a normal, LED or red light. Most of them come in a rectangular form, but you can get some different odd shaped ones. When considering one to buy, you also need to decide whether you need a waterproof one or not, again this comes down to preference whether you’ll have it sitting outside or not.

To be honest there’s really no downside to purchasing one of these lights for your chicken coop, just the upfront cost, and you’ll have a cost effective strong light to protect your chickens all night long.

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