Best Action Movies of 2016

The year 2016 has seen some of the best action packed flicks by popular and talented stars who have undoubtedly delivered brilliance in their performances. It has turned into a spectacular year with some of the finest movie releases and top action flicks. These movies have epitomized action thrills and sequences in a unique way and the performances by talents and people’s favorite stares are undeniable brilliant. Here is a list of top 4 action flicks of 2016 that has left everyone mesmerized with their engaging story lines and awesome action sequences and the best part is all of these flicks can be watched on Movie HD app.

The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours is based on a real life event of rescue attempt that had taken place along the coast of Cape God. The story encircles around the 4 members of the team who set out on a very small lifeboat to rescues the trapped people after the oil tankers SS Pendleton and SS fort are ripped in a violent tempest. These 4 members strive hard to rescue nearly 30 men who fell prey to fore of 70 feet waves. It is a real life story and is one of the worst storms in the history.

Triple 9

Triple 9 showcases the antics of a pack of criminals and corrupted cops who gets themselves into trouble after being blackmailed by a Russian mafia. The team decides on their effective plan of action to wipe out a rookie cop and to distract police at the same time when the murder takes places. John Hillcoat’s flick Triple 9 has a powerful crew including the talented Aaron Paul, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet etc.

Gods of Egypt

The action legend and much talented and popular star Gerard Butler has given one of his best shot in the flick Gods of Egypt which is an immense combination of adventure and action set in Egypt. He plays the role of Set who is the god of darkness and claims the throne for himself. It is now upon Bek to save the people and rescue them from this brutality and return harmony and peace. No wonder it is a dangerous and life-threatening task and Bek takes it up to stand Set and stop his attempts to seize power. Bek’s love is taken captive by the god of darkness and je struggles to get things straight.

London Has Fallen

Gerard Butler has featured in another top action flick of 2016 where Mike Banning is tasked to stop a terrorist attack that is targeted at all world leaders who would be attending funeral of a British Prime Miniter. The event becomes a highly panic situation for all secret service agents who are set to discover an assassination plan. The talented and popular Aaron Eckhart plays the role of Benjamin Asher, then US president.  Asher and the agents must definitely find a way and solution to fight and stop the terrorists before it devastates everything.

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