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The Xinligang was established based on the beliefs of serving the society with scientific technology,making perfection with honesty and sincerity,achieving new goals and creations continuously.

By unremitting hard work and strengthening of study,we are to fulfill and practice the standards of ISO,5S and so on.Integrate with new theories of management;we pay great attention to our services,to make them excellent.Our object was to make the company a digital center for best products and services.

We'll always honor our customs greatly,serve the market with all our heart and soul,meet the requirement of our customers,and provide them with the projects that solve their problems.Simultaneously,we will develop new products and make out them as soon as possible to satisfy our customers as well as to improve the integrated strength to compete.

We greatly expect to cooperate with our coming peatners,and to make our future brilliant with our sincerity and honesty.!

Tel: +86-571-88730003
General manager of Office:
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