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  • Protect Your Sensitive Data

    Automated, Simple, and Repeatable



    DMsuite masks all of your environments and maintains referential integrity across them all.

  • Lower TCO: Save Time & Resources

    No programming | No Disk | No Training



    DMsuite enables you to instantly mask without any programming. You just need to connect to your data source, profile, then mask! It all happens with an intuitive web interface.

  • Comply with HIPAA & PCI DSS

    Static & Dynamic Data Masking, On-premise or SaaS



    The data masking journey begins with knowing what's at risk. DMsuite dashboard provides you with an easy-to-understand view of your sensitive data exposure so you can immediately start protecting it.

How Does DMsuite Do Data Masking?

Automated, simple and repeatable – Both Static and Dynamic Data Masking, SaaS or On-Premise

No Programming Required

With DMsuite you connect to a database, scan it to find your sensitive data, then click on a button to mask, instantly securing private info and meeting compliance standards such as PCI and HIPAA. DMsuite will generate code and execute it automatically, no programming required. Why buy a product, and then spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to program it? How do we do it?  Our secret is in our architecture, patented algorithms, and easy-to-use web UI.

Quick Deployment

DMsuite deploys rapidly – using our fast stack, you simply install and within an hour you are ready to mask. Because DMsuite is web-based, any authorized user can leverage DMsuite just by having a browser on their machine.

Mainframe, Databases, Files, and Big Data in one package.

DMsuite provides consistent data masking with referential integrity across all of the different storage technologies, including Hadoop. See All

Supported Data Sources


  • SAP
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Salesforce
  • PeopleSoft
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Lawson
  • Trizetto

Big Data

  • Hadoop
  • Cloudera
  • Greenplum


  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • IBM DB2
  • Teradata
  • Intersystems Cache
  • MySQL
  • Vertica
  • Amazon RDS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Netezza
  • IMS
  • Ingres
  • Informix
  • MS Access
  • Adabas


  • XML
  • RSS
  • Multi-Record
  • Fixed-Width
  • CSV
  • VSAM
  • QSAM
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power Point

Simple Licensing

Are you tired of paying by the terabyte? No matter how many instances of a database, your license takes care of it all. With flexible options such as our Hybrid SaaS model, DMsuite licenses cover unlimited database instances. There are no additional costs as you migrate DMsuite to a larger machine with more CPUs or memory. DMsuite expands and evolves with you.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use

DMsuite is simple by design; you can accomplish your tasks in just a matter of a few mouse clicks without the need to know SQL or a programming language. You can create your own data masking algorithms and sensitive data search patterns.

Comprehensive Data Masking

DMsuite can mask, de-identify or anonymize any data storage platform using static data masking. If you need to mask in real-time, we also provide dynamic data masking where the data is not changed. DMsuite can even mask unstructured data in databases, files, or in RSS feeds. See All

Consistent Data Masking

DMsuite scans metadata and data and identifies relationships in your data, such as Primary and Foreign Keys, so that your data can be masked consistently. DMsuite can even identify referential integrity between mainframe, databases, or files with one product.

Cloud & SaaS

DMsuite's licensing model fits your business, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It can be deployed to public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. Simply plug your database into the DMsuite platform and mask it. There is no need for additional hardware purchases or any other costly investments.

Total Cost of Ownership

DMsuite has been designed from the ground up to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because you do not need expensive programming resources. With DMsuite, the TCO is significantly reduced due to its ease-of-use.

Who Uses Data Masking?

Healthcare Providers

Working in a healthcare setting, you made a commitment to protecting your patients! At the industry level, you are required to de-identify the 18 personal identifiers as outlined by HIPAA. Most of our clients go beyond this by safe-guarding their employees' private data as well.

DMsuite handles large volumes of data-- such as billions of records per table, and works across many old and new storage technologies, including Oracle, SQL Server, as well as Cache and mainframe-- for large health insurance companies and providers across the US.

DMsuite includes everything you need to be up and running --ready to anonymize-- in less than an hour. It maintains referential integrity across all participants in HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) and ACOs, as well as facilitates testing of EMRs and ICD-10, including migration from one EMR to another. We even cover unstructured text in notes and description fields- it's our way of saying, "it does everything, batteries included!"

Instantly lockdown patient data


Customers entrust personal data to you every day, including their credit cards. Our clients have successfully deployed DMsuite to meet all US and international data security regulations, such as PCI DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley. You too can start protecting your customers' data right now by signing up for a free trial! While DMsuite works with custom applications, our clients also leverage DMsuite out-of-the-box to mask data in environments like Oracle EBS and Lawson.

Safeguard your customers' data now

Financial Services

You have clients that have provided you with their personal information, which means you need to select a data masking solution that keeps pace with your ever-changing needs. DMsuite masks databases, mainframe, and files, including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and Hadoop. Our global clients use DMsuite across multiple data centers and maintain referential integrity throughout all of their applications.

Today, many of the Fortune 50 financial institutions entrust us with securing their sensitive data.  Whether they're outsourcing development and testing to a vendor in another country or sharing client data with a third party.

Secure your clients' sensitive data now.


Our clients in the government sector are often tasked with setting the regulations all verticals need to follow. Additionally, government entities have standards and requirements of their own that they either mandate for themselves or the vendors they work with, such as NIST 800-23, ISO 2700x, FedRAMP, etc. DMsuite makes this easy by allowing each agency to utilize the product on their own, enabling the protection of every citizen's data.

Additionally, DMsuite is Section 503 approved for deployment at State or Federal agencies.

Protect your citizens' data now.

What is Data Masking?

Data masking creates secure test environments by replacing sensitive, confidential data (ie- customer or patient names, addresses, social security numbers, etc.) with fictitious, yet usable, data. This process reduces security risks so only masked data flows beyond your production environment. This ensures secure access to test environments for application developers, testers, privileged users, outsourcers and third parties.

Why mask data?

Avoid costly mistakes that can come from exposing your customers' or employees' private information. Whenever you make a copy of your database for development or testing you need to mask it.

Do you test with your production data?

You might be encrypting data to protect it during transmission, but encryption is useless if you want to test with it.

You need data masking when you:

  • Copy sensitive data outside of production environments
  • Leverage off-shore development
  • Move your test data to the cloud
  • Need regulatory compliance (ie- HIPAA, Dodd-Frank, PCI)
  • Need interoperability among ACO & HIE participants
  • Respond to that audit item

How does data masking work?

How does data masking work?

Case Studies

We can tell you how great DMsuite is, but the proof is really found with our customers. Check out some of our client stories to learn about how DMsuite has successfully protected data in a variety of industries.


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Financial Services

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